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This episode was inspired by this question from Fiz - "I know my weakness, I become too influenced by the timesheet. My driving and mentality is harmed when I am off the pace. Any tips?"

This is a very very common challenge that racers...

June 29, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Episode #14 of The Race Driver Coach Show.

If you are a race driver then you know all about man and machine but today I want to talk about - You Vs Machine

Now this is all going to be fi...

Are you finding it hard to get sponsorship for Motorsport or other sports?

Then join the club because most drivers are struggling with this part of their racing.

I am getting so many drivers and competitors from other sports contacting me about for some advice, but when...

Today I am going to talk about a part of you that must come out if you want to truly win at this game.

First off I have a question for you, what do you notice about these following ordinary people?

Muhammad Ali

Serena Williams

Shaun White

John McEnroe

Usain Bolt

Michael Jorda...

A mental skill to help people, racing drivers, riders, athletes, competitors and anyone in motorsport who has to perform, control their emotions.

Many people view a race car as just a vehicle that you thrape the guts out of and drive as fast as possible.

But I am here to show you that a race car can be even more useful than that and can teach you some serious self development lessons that will help you achie...

September 27, 2016


Within this episode I am going to talk you through the invisible aspect of Motorsport and show you why some drivers make it whilst others fail.

It's business!

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Welcome to the time of year when race drivers often become their worst enemies.

You've been racing all season in a certain way, this way has created the results that have led to you being in your current situation.

All of your decisions, your luck, your co...



In the first episode I explained that the Success Formula for race drivers has three parts which can be abbreviated to S.I.P.


S stands for Speed. 


I have changed things up here, I was going to write out each element in it's own post but instead decided to record...

March 2, 2016

It's the start of the season, things are hotting up and it's a time when drivers and teams are ready to improve on their ways from last year and to do things properly this time.


Well for this year one of the things I urge you to focus on is your ability to problem solv...

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