August 28, 2017


This episode was inspired by this question:

“I am not being taken seriously by my team. I am as quick as my team mate but he is getting better treatment and attention than me. Any idea for how I can win them over, this is a big year for me.”

This is a more common questi...

June 14, 2017


To succeed in Motorsport you need to be a great salesperson or at least have someone helping you on this side.

Not only do you have to sell to teams or potential sponsors but you have to have the people s...

August 15, 2016

During this year whilst creating our Get The Drive program I have interviewed a lot of Driver Managers and Sports Agencies who represent race drivers.

One of my main questions to them is "What would be the one golden nugget of advice that you would give to a driver who...

At times we all use To Do Lists right?

Well some time ago I saw Tim Ferriss put up a 'NOT To Do List' and I thought I would do the same, but obviously mine is aimed at race drivers.

There are certain things that drivers should avoid, I am always up for helping drivers do...



In the first episode I explained that the Success Formula for race drivers has three parts which can be abbreviated to S.I.P.


S stands for Speed. 


I have changed things up here, I was going to write out each element in it's own post but instead decided to record...



This is for all you sponsorship hunters out there.

We all know how important this area is but still most drivers decide to sweep it under the carpet or spend hardly any time mastering the vital skill of fund raising....until it's too late.


In this audio I will share w...


Gift No.2

Hello again and welcome to your second gift of 2016.


This is one of my favourites because it's a mental technique that is seriously powerful yet seriously easy.


I created P.O.W as a simple way of describing a mental skill that is used in many psychology scien...


It’s tiring to hear so many people in the paddock and in life bitching about how they have been hard done by or how things are so bad for them at the moment.


Don’t get me wrong, I have sincere sorrow for those who have had recent misfortune, they have full right to fe...

October 15, 2014


This blog post is quite niche, it is directed at drivers who have the proven speed but don't have the money to pay for a worthy race seat.


No one needs to tell you that Motorsport is uber expensive, the formula car championships can cost from €200,000 to €2million per...

September 15, 2014

"Your racing career will fail if no one likes or respects you."



If your career resembled a wall then admiration and respect would be the cement between your bricks. You may have all the building blocks in place like speed, race craft, car control, championship wins, s...

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