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For the first time I am doing a Book Off!

A little bit misleading because I do not put these books against each other but hey, I just like the title Book Off.

Instead I am reviewing two of Motorsport's hottest book releases of 2017. They are for different a...

December 28, 2016

The above image says it all.

Motorsport Sponsorship and Entrepreneurial Course Get The Drive has launched an affiliate program where it pays it's affiliates £30 per sale.

They even pay you £10 just for signing up!

What is an Affiliate Partnership?

It is where you share a l...

December 1, 2016

Get The Drive is now out and helping drivers take control of their racing futures.

This Race Driver Entrepreneur / Sponsorship program, without sounding cheesy, is breaking new ground in the world of driver self development. You can see it here -

It h...

November 11, 2016


Just a heads up for my favourite people (you guys of course).

Here is the launch video for Get The Drive.

Not long now, we are soon unleashing the beast.

Can't wait to get her out, been a long time in the making.

Anyway, here it is:

Launching Novem...

If you are on the Sponsorship List then you will already know this, but for everybody else I would like to introduce you to our new baby in the making.......Get The Drive - The Only Way For You To Get Motorsport Sponsorship Now.

Get The Drive is an audio produ...

Hello all!


I had a Facebook message last week from a loyal Australian reader of TRDC blog (thanks Tom Manwaring) and he was excited to tell me about a magic little app by the name of The Rock Clock.


Tom knows full well how this is my kind of thing.....and he was right....



If you’re a driver coach then you know the drill of corner watching very well. The part of your coaching that requires you to brave the weather as you stand outside a corner to watch your driver in the effort to give them feedback and tips on how to improve their dri...


I recently found a great phone app called JEFIT.


There are a lot of drivers and team members who need to improve their strength and hit the weights this winter in order to perform better in 2016, so for those of you who have these goals I want to share this with you.



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