September 25, 2017

This episode of The Race Driver Coach Show answers or at least contributes to 90% of the questions we get asked.

It is all about one ugly truth that so many people ignore or trap that they fall for - When a driver gets carried away with the passion aspect. 

They fall in...

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This post is to remind all racing drivers that now (August / September) is the window of opportunity if you want...

July 24, 2017

If you are serious about making a career out of being a race driver then you need to become serious about playing this game

If you are series about making a career out of being a race driver then you need to become serious about how this game is played.

It is all too eas...

June 14, 2017


To succeed in Motorsport you need to be a great salesperson or at least have someone helping you on this side.

Not only do you have to sell to teams or potential sponsors but you have to have the people s...

This is my top tip for how to become a professional racing driver. Hello this is Enzo Mucci and this episode was inspired by Max's following question: “I have been trying to become a full time race driver for 3 years now and still I haven’t’ managed to do it. What...

Are you finding it hard to get sponsorship for Motorsport or other sports?

Then join the club because most drivers are struggling with this part of their racing.

I am getting so many drivers and competitors from other sports contacting me about for some advice, but when...

Today we talk about turning product deals into Motorsport Sponsorship Hard Cash.

This episode was created to answer a question sent in from Charles via our Get The Drive Facebook Page, his question is:

"I'm currently racing, things are going well but I need to improve my...

Today I am going to talk about a part of you that must come out if you want to truly win at this game.

First off I have a question for you, what do you notice about these following ordinary people?

Muhammad Ali

Serena Williams

Shaun White

John McEnroe

Usain Bolt

Michael Jorda...

You already know the power of social media, you experience it every day in some way, so it’s about time you learnt how to make it work for your career. If you have already learnt this then it’s time to use it more. We use social media to connect with friends, to find...

I am attempting the seemingly impossible here by giving you the best possible sponsorship advice in a blog post that takes around 5 minutes to read.

To pull this off I am going to keep things simple, very simple, yet give you the most effective information as possible.


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