September 25, 2018

Today we are going to hit the human side of human performance for both racing and for life in general.

I have been noticing a growing tendency for people to allow their lack of self belief and fear of failure destroy their lives and their performances. I have just come...

September 25, 2017

This episode of The Race Driver Coach Show answers or at least contributes to 90% of the questions we get asked.

It is all about one ugly truth that so many people ignore or trap that they fall for - When a driver gets carried away with the passion aspect. 

They fall in...

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This episode was inspired by this question from Fiz - "I know my weakness, I become too influenced by the timesheet. My driving and mentality is harmed when I am off the pace. Any tips?"

This is a very very common challenge that racers...

August 28, 2017


This episode was inspired by this question:

“I am not being taken seriously by my team. I am as quick as my team mate but he is getting better treatment and attention than me. Any idea for how I can win them over, this is a big year for me.”

This is a more common questi...

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This post is to remind all racing drivers that now (August / September) is the window of opportunity if you want...

Hello everyone

For the first time I am doing a Book Off!

A little bit misleading because I do not put these books against each other but hey, I just like the title Book Off.

Instead I am reviewing two of Motorsport's hottest book releases of 2017. They are for different a...

July 24, 2017

If you are serious about making a career out of being a race driver then you need to become serious about playing this game

If you are series about making a career out of being a race driver then you need to become serious about how this game is played.

It is all too eas...

June 29, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Episode #14 of The Race Driver Coach Show.

If you are a race driver then you know all about man and machine but today I want to talk about - You Vs Machine

Now this is all going to be fi...

June 20, 2017

This video was created due to this question - "How do I mentally prepare for a race weekend?"

It is a perfectly good question that most drivers should ask more often and put more effort into.

As a sport I know we are far more interested in mental training now but still t...

June 14, 2017


To succeed in Motorsport you need to be a great salesperson or at least have someone helping you on this side.

Not only do you have to sell to teams or potential sponsors but you have to have the people s...

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