February 13, 2017

Here is a bit of an in-car rant for you.

Whilst at a test last week I was reminded of something that many of us do but in doing so we kill our dreams - Procrastination. 

We are persistent offenders of putting things off, yet in doing so we are robbing ourselves of t...

Many people view a race car as just a vehicle that you thrape the guts out of and drive as fast as possible.

But I am here to show you that a race car can be even more useful than that and can teach you some serious self development lessons that will help you achie...

December 21, 2016


I have just got back to England from an Indycar test in Sebring that didn't happen due to rain.

I tell you this because on the way back from that cancelled test I, as the title suggests, I had two important reminders from 2 boxers, one fictional and one real. Both of...

September 27, 2016


Within this episode I am going to talk you through the invisible aspect of Motorsport and show you why some drivers make it whilst others fail.

It's business!

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September 1, 2016

I haven't done a Success Tip for some now time so here is No.3.

This post is based one of the most powerful yet short Success Tips out there. It is based on your obsession.

What Happens To Us

As we go through life we pick up certain beliefs that slowly eat away at our hum...

August 15, 2016

During this year whilst creating our Get The Drive program I have interviewed a lot of Driver Managers and Sports Agencies who represent race drivers.

One of my main questions to them is "What would be the one golden nugget of advice that you would give to a driver who...

Welcome to the time of year when race drivers often become their worst enemies.

You've been racing all season in a certain way, this way has created the results that have led to you being in your current situation.

All of your decisions, your luck, your co...

At times we all use To Do Lists right?

Well some time ago I saw Tim Ferriss put up a 'NOT To Do List' and I thought I would do the same, but obviously mine is aimed at race drivers.

There are certain things that drivers should avoid, I am always up for helping drivers do...



In the first episode I explained that the Success Formula for race drivers has three parts which can be abbreviated to S.I.P.


S stands for Speed. 


I have changed things up here, I was going to write out each element in it's own post but instead decided to record...



I've had the fortune to coach race drivers since the 1990's and as with anyone else who has coached for that long you get the idea of what it takes for a driver to make it in this sport.


You can tell very quickly if a driver has it or not and how to advise t...

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