How To Get A Paid Drive In Motorsport

24 Jul 2017


If you are serious about making a career out of being a race driver then you need to become serious about playing this game


If you are series about making a career out of being a race driver then you need to become serious about how this game is played.


It is all too easy for drivers to think that they simply need to be the fastest and the fittest in order to be hired as a driver but when you are in the transition from paying to being paid, it is usually a lot harder than that.

Yes for sure there are drivers who have shown their raw speed and it luckily timed well with an available seat that came up and they got the nod, but usually as a driver you need to bring a whole lot more than that.


You need to understand the business side of this sport.


Put simply you need to understand how to create value to those who can give you an opportunity.

Then once you understand it you need to communicate to those that matter, to show them the value that you can provide them with.


This is something you cannot ignore because this sport is like any other business, for you to get paid to drive you need to offer something that the team / manufacturer / investor really wants.


In this video / podcast we will discuss what this could be and you can start to brainstorm this and create a plan of attack.


Click the video above or the podcast below.

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