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Enzo's Motorsport Bio

1997 - 2003


Enzo's introduction to motorsport was as a driver. He won a British Formula Ford championship and competed in club F3, British GT, Alfa Romeo Championships and the Clio Cup.

1998 - 2004

Driver Coach

Enzo started to coach other drivers and working at race schools. This was also the period where he begun to study sports psychology and mental performance sciences.

2004 - 2008

Chief Coach for BMW Motorsport Europe

Enzo became a lead coach for BMW which saw him coaching in the UK, European and Asian Formula BMW Championships, judging BMW driver scholarship shootouts and being part of the BMW manufacturer events. 

2008 - 2010

Head of Performance for Gravity Sports Management

Gravity was a driver investment company who financially backed drivers. Enzo coached and talent spotted for Gravity. Drivers included Esteban Ocon, Romain Grosjean, Marco Wittmann, Christian Vietoris, Richie Stanaway and Alexander Sims.

2010 - 2012

Sporting Manager for Lotus/Renault F1 Junior Program

When Gravity purchased the Lotus/Renault F1 team Enzo became Sporting Manager of their F1 Junior Program and continued his role as coach, talent spotter and helped run the program.

2012 - Present

Personal Performance Coach

Since 2012 Enzo has been the personal performance coach for many high profile drivers and management companies. These include drivers in F1, F2, F3, F4, Karting, Indycar, DTM, NASCAR and WEC (and drivers who are part of RedBull, Ferrari and Williams F1 Junior programs). Enzo also coaches in other sports and within the business world.


All of Enzo's training is based around the personal performance of the driver in and out of the car, this covers the mental, driving and career aspects.  

Enzo Marco Wittmann.jpg


This is Enzo's priority when coaching drivers. A race driver must have the ability to perform as they want and become the person that can produce the results they want.

Enzo teaches drivers to:

- Perform better under pressure

Increase self belief and confidence

- Overcome adverse situations

- Activate their optimal mindset

- Improve concentration levels

- Use the 'Warrior Mindset'


It goes without saying that a race driver must continously improve their actual driving skills. They must never stop refining their overall skill levels behind the wheel and have a plan in place that allows them to do that.

Enzo teaches drivers to:

- Improve lap time

- Improve consistency

- Improve overall driving

- Adapt to new formula or car

- Constantly monitor and re-evaluate

- Increase confidence when in car

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Dale Coyne Team Indy 500 2017 big.jpg


Due to Enzo's experience with helping drivers climb the racing ladder he also teaches them how to navigate and possess the personal skills that help them create a career in motorsport.

Enzo teaches drivers to:

- Improve their work ethic

- Become more entrepreneurial

- Possess leadership skills

- Improve their marketing

- Improve their people skills

- Stand out in their sport


Here are some of the driver's Enzo has worked with and some memories from over the past 24 years

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