Hello drivers and coaches, on here you can download some very simple templates of self analysis forms that help you improve your game.

Feel free to download (by clicking on the file icon for each), then you can add/build upon these templates to make them your own.

My Life Snapshot

From TRDC Show S6 E1, this is where you can quickly see where you are at and what must be improved for you to achieve your goals

Test Score Sheet

This is a form that you can use at the end of a test to best help you improve over a test event.

Improve Qualifying Pace

This document is to help you discover ways of improving your qualifying performance, as mentioned in S4 E4 of TRDC Show.

Race Debrief

If you want to analyse your performance after a race event then this excel sheet is for you.




As seen on TRDC Show S6 E10

You can use this to self coach yourself after simulator/test sessions and race events.

Downloads from Get The Drive
Sponsorship Book


My North Star

Where Am I Now

My Strengths &


What Has Been

Stopping Me

What To Offer


Maxi Attack

Downloads from The Warrior's Mind Book

The Warrior's Mind Workbook