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Zanardi is the real deal. It's time you showed up!

Now and then someone demonstrates just what we as Human Beings are capable of, Alessandro 'Alex' Zanardi is one of those people and we were blessed to have him in our sport.

Watch this short video to remind yourself of what we are talking about here:

He carried on.

After his awful crash Alex went on to win the Italian Super Touring Car Championship and won 4 races in the WTCC. Not bad huh?!?

Then as you know he switched sports and won the Gold medal at the Paralympic Games in 2012, at Brands Hatch of all places.

I don't think any of us can imagine what we would have done in his situation after the big crash at Lausitzring, but I bet many of us would have given up and become a shell of our former self.

The decisions we make when faced with life changing situations like this are vital and they come down to our personal beliefs and values in life.

True Champions on this planet are not the individuals who have scored more points at the end of the season, True Champions are the people who use failure and pain as their personal ingredients for success.

This is not praise, this is just who we are.

This blog isn't about sitting back and admiring what Alex did, instead it is to remind you that no matter what you are going through right now, or will in the future, it is only happening to help you. It is forcing you to step up and tap into the inner power that you were given at birth.

You can turn your biggest failures or problems into your biggest victories, just like Alex did.

When you're going through a seriously hard time and face something that seems bigger than you, just think of people like Alex who surfed the storm and found a deeper meaning within their problems, have faith that everything you are going through is creating a better you and take it on.

Like all of your past challenges, one day you will look back and see the true reason why it happened and how much it served you as a person.

We will talk about beliefs in a later blog but for now remember that the way you see the world and translate what is going on around you is one of the the greatest secrets for success in racing and in life.

Feel free to get intouch if you need to talk about something that you are going through.

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