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Leave 2014, Blast into 2015. Part 1 - Intro

I love this time of year because it is the one time that you can hear people actually being positive about their lives.

They have had the chance to step back, review what has happened over the past year and they are actually motivated to make changes.

For most it only happens once every twelve months but it's still nice to see.

If 2014 was your best year yet then you use this time to build on that momentum and let it roll forwards from here.

If 2014 was your worst possible year then you use this time to get over it and rebuild for the future.

If 2014 was a nothing year for you, a year when not much happened or changed then you use this time to give yourself a kick up the backside and make sure you are more proactive from now on.

It is nice to see people in this frame of mind, they have re-injected hope and determination back into their lives and they have a sense of energy about them.

No matter what they need to change about themselves they are sure they can pull it off and they take actions with this view. It's inspiring.

But The Motivation Slump Kills Us.....Again

There is one problem though, we kick the year off with all of this motivation, we change our behaviour and take better actions but it doesn't last. By the time February is here most of us have fallen back into old defeating habits and we start the madness all over again.

People who want to lose weight eat and exercise well in January only to let their guard down and start re-enjoying that amazing Greggs pie every other day and the weight starts to pile back on.

Drivers who want to work harder each day on building sponsorship start well by working through their daily To Do Lists but by February they are having far too many lazy days and find themselves back at square one.

Motivation goes down, productivity goes down and before you know it we are back to our old ways and fail to reach our goals. We've all been there.

So let's do what we can this year to put a stop to this persistent rot.

Over the next coming weeks.

To help prevent you from falling for this in 2015 the next few blogs will be dedicated to keeping your head in the game.

One reason we do not see our New Years Resolutions through is because we fail to maintain this mindset during the graft, we lose our sight of the goal when we are on the battlefield.

We can easily say "Tomorrow I'm going on a diet" or "From 1st January I will work everyday towards my racing" but once we are living in that Tomorrow we let things dilute our passion, we let challenges change the way we feel and before you know it we are acting like we did the previous year achieving the same crappy results.

So throughout January I will put a blog out each week to help keep you focused on what's important and to assist you getting what you want in 2015.

These blogs will be split into the following parts:

Part 1 - This Intro Blog......Done!

Part 2 - Pick The New You - published on here 2nd Jan 2015

Know the old you, what held you back, what's next and how to create the new improved you.

Part 3 - How To Get Better Every Day - 9th Jan 2015

How to have a strategy in place that forces you to grow and become a better driver / person every single day.

Part 4 - Be Flexible - 16th Jan 2015

You should be getting results by now, if not then we shift things.

Part 5 - How To Keep This Going - 23rd Jan 2015

Monthly check in course

Feel free to add to this list, if you usually have something that prevents you from achieving what you want then drop me an email or comment below and I will add it as Part 6.

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