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Blast into 2015. Part 2 - Pick The New You!

So the calendar has clicked over, it's now 2015 and no doubt you have that Fresh Start feeling.

I think you'll agree that when we start a new year it feels more than just a date change, it actually feels like we are getting another chance to do better and to turn things around.

In this blog I want to harness that feeling you have and use it to fuel you forwards with some great success strategies that will help you get what you want this year.


This is not goal setting, this is YOU SETTING.

Don't worry we are NOT going to do the usual S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting procedure, we need to be more intelligent than that because at the end of the day you are here to learn how the elite performers approach their craft not how the masses do it. The masses are not getting the results you want.

We are going to do things a little different here, instead of setting the goals in different areas of your life or sport and then shooting for them we are going to make 'you' the goal. There is very little use in making goals if you are not the kind of person who can achieve them, if you ignore this then you are virtually wasting your time and you will find yourself setting the same targets this time next year.

You will have had goals in the past that you could have achieved if you...:

- Had done things differently

- Made different decisions

- Performed better

- Had better knowledge

- Hadn't choked

- Hadn't made those avoidable mistakes

- Worked harder

- Prepared more

- Got the right people to help

- Hadn't put things off all the time

Whether we like to admit it or not we as individuals are the reason for where we are now and why things are not quite as we want them. We love to blame outside influences like money, time, an unfair industry, an accident, mistakes, bad timing, to name a few, but if we strip back the bulls**t then most of the time we could have done much better.

We are the weakest link (or strongest) when going for our dreams so instead of ignoring this and sending you off with a bunch of goals lets bring things closer to home and make your performance as being the main goal.

Yes you want to achieve something but let's spend the year turning you into the kind of person who can pull this off.

If we do this right and spend the year improving you, making you operate at a much higher level then there will be very little that you cannot achieve.

When studying the champions among us they have this way of working, they start with themselves first, they master their own skills and then apply it to their craft. They work tirelessly on improving the way they work and as a result they win, as if by magic they get the championships and the opportunities.

This is what I want to do with you, this year is all about you!

We are going to work off the basis of....

"You cannot chase success, you attract it by the person you become"

Steps to Setting Up Your 2015

Grab your paper and pen for this part.

Step 1 - What outside goal do you want to achieve this year?

We will start with the external goal, what do you want to accomplish in 2015. If it isn't a set goal then what part of your life are you determined to improve this year?

Step 2 - Where are you now in this area?

Let's get honest, where are you currently at in this area? For example if you want to win a championship, how did you perform championship position wise this year, because that is your current level. If you have a different goal like 'lose weight' or 'earn a certain amount of money', where are you at the moment.

Step 3 - Why?

Be truthful again here, why are you at this shitty level right now? Take into account the habits you have that may be holding you back, the way you have been working, your self limiting beliefs, etc. Why have you created the situation that you have now?

This can be painful because it is suggesting that everything you have right now has been self created, it presupposes that you are to blame for the level and situation you so badly want to change. This is not about protecting your ego here, this is just how hard the super successful people in our society are on themselves, they make themselves accountable for everything that happens.

They do not give themselves anything to hide behind, they are in control of their destiny.

So again, what behaviours and habits have created this life you have and results that you are getting?

It could just be your simple lack of skill, there a many drivers out there that are adamant that they will get to F1 or have a career in Motorsport but in all honesty they suck at driving. If this is the case for you and your results prove that then get real, own up and do all you can to improve this area. Practice practice practice until you get better, then maybe you have a shot.

If you are a very quick driver but you are not getting the career shots you deserve then there is something else getting in the way, maybe it is your finances, your management team, your people skills or image. Either way there is something seriously wrong here so you'd better get to the bottom of it and sort this out quickly.

This is all about getting real here, hit the things you do not want to admit and improve them.

Think to yourself how bad things will be if you carry on sabotaging your life in this way, think what things will be like in a few years, write this dark future down and circle it. Make it as painful as you can, we change our ways when we link enough pain to the way we are acting.

Step 4 - What must change to get the new goal?

Who do you need to become to make this goal a reality?

What things or single behaviour trait MUST change to give you a chance this time?

How are you going to be from now on in order to get this done? These are all questions searching for your inner self, the one that can achieve what you want. The new you that has been cooped up inside for so long.

Get very clear on how you must be from now on!

Then just envisage how great your life could be in a couple of years if you operate with these qualities, circle it.

Step 5 - Stick to this New You for the next 10 days.

Once you have a list of the way you want to be from now on, or a certain habit you want to change, test drive this person for 10 days.

It can be daunting to change your character from this point on so just test drive it for 10 days to see how you get on, to see what results you get and how much further you get in such a short time.

You will be astonished how much you can achieve in 10 days if you apply yourself in the right way and work hard every day.

Now Go Do It!

Get that pen writing furiously across the page and start to brainstorm the way you need to be and the things you need to work on in 2015.

If this is your main focus then believe me the goal you have set will be on the way. I say this a lot but it is really all about you. You are the one you need to spend time on, to master, the rest will just fall in place for you.

Have this approach for 2015 and you will be shocked at what doors open up for you, people will see you like this and will want to be a part of your journey.

The next blog will show you how to get better every day of your life, it will be posted in 7 days time.

Let me know if you want any advice on what has been spoken about because it is a very important area of your life.

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