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Blast into 2015. Part 4 - Be Flexible.

So then we are nearly 5% of the way through 2015 and if you've been following these blogs then you should have made some steps towards getting what you want and how you want to be by now.

How's it going so far?

Have you made as much progress as you'd hoped?

If you started this year with a new outlook and new goal then we are just about to hit the critical point, it's around about now that people start to assess if their new behaviour, new habits or path is working out for them. Often if nothing has really progressed by now most of us start to give up, we fall into old habits and end up back where we started.

Well in this blog I want to wake you up if you are heading that way now or if you think you may in the future.

There is no Buffering in life.

I don't know what your external and internal goals are but if you haven't made any real movement since the start of this year then it's time to check in just to make sure that you are doing the right things. Once again we are already approaching the 5% mark of 2015 and there is no Buffering in life, this percentage (time) waits for no man, it keeps on ticking away.

As a species we are known for wasting our available time, we think that if we are active and busy then we are using our time well, but it is far too easy to be a busy fool in this life. We may feel good because we are bashing our way through our huge daily To Do lists but really the actions we are taking are not really getting us what we want.

So take a deep breath, exhale, take a step back or sit upright in your chair now and take a look at your life this year.

Mentally hover above everything and ask yourself these 2 vital questions:

1) Are things going the way I want them to right now?

2) How am I doing?

Answer these questions honestly, take some time to really answer them.

If all is going to plan....

Then congratulations, you are actually doing this and things are changing for you. You are on your way.

All you need to do is understand if there is anything else you need to do that could speed up this great progress you have made. How can you turn up the volume even more and snowball these results you are getting?

Who can help you multiply your results and how can you ride this wave.

You are in an exciting situation right now, keep that baby going.

If things are not happening quick enough....

If you, like most people, are finding that things are just not changing quick enough and you are no closer then it may be time to change things.

Success is all about knowing what you want and creating a plan to go get it, but just as importantly it is also about being flexible. If something is not working or you are not making progress then do not continue to do the same thing, change something. It's an experiment.

Ask yourself more questions like

1) What could I do different?

2) What is working for me and what isn't?

3) Have I got to change the way I am behaving to get this done?

4) Who can I ask for help?

5) Who has already done what I am struggling to do?

The more we are struggling (searching) the more vital our questions are, but we must do more than just ask, we must act!

You are no different to a Boeing 747

There is no one route to getting what you want, you are always trying different things, going different ways, hitting many dead ends and turning things back around in order to get where you want to be in life.

An airplane going from London to Australia is off course more than it is on course, it is constantly readjusting to deal with weather, flight plans, change of approaches and so on but after all these changes it still arrives on the desired strip of tarmac. It has to face many challenges which it must find answers to and be flexible enough to deal with whilst on it's journey.

This is no different to you, you know where you are and where you want to get but to reach your destination you are going to have to adjust, change your approach, and overcome some turbulence on the way.

It's just a case of you sticking your head above the clouds and taking stock, to see if you are going the right way or not, then if not to change the way you are acting or taking action.

If things are not working out then instead of falling back into a rut, instead of turning around and jumping ship simply change a few things and give yourself time to see if it works this time.

Again, if something isn't working then just change your approach and try again. If that doesn't work repeat this procedure.

Do this over and over and over and over again until you get what you want. Period!

Doing what most do not

Remember that most people give up when things are not working out again, do not be like one of those people.

This is something that every person who has what you want will tell you, it's time to listen to them.

Let me know how you are getting on.

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