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Blast into 2015. Part 5 - Keep This Going (become a junky)

We have reached the final part of the Blast 2015 blog series, I want to finish off by propelling you into your future.

Firstly by saying congratulations to you if you have read / listened to the previous 4 parts, you are obviously not a dabbler in life and that's the kind of quality that will deliver what you are searching for.

It is an honour to be broadcasting to you and I can't wait to see what you achieve.

It's time to become a junky

Over the past month of blogs you have been reminded of what you knew already and hopefully they have reignited something inside.

You have effectively had what drug addicts call a hit, a taste of the good stuff, which is a nice feeling but to allow it to take real effect in your life you need to become hooked on what we have talked about, to allow this drug called 'inspiration' with a side of 'learning' to dominate your life.

In some ways this blog series has been like an initial session at the gym, you know when you go back to the gym after a long period off. You apprehensively get back on that treadmill or on the weights bench, you re-stretch and exercise the forgotten parts of your body and even though you are aching like hell the day after, you have a spring in your step. You feel good about yourself and are determined to not leave it so long next time.

But the real change hasn't happened in your body yet, you need to carry on visiting the gym if you want to change your body or fitness levels.

You must become kind of addicted to working out for true change to happen, that's the same with what we have shared in these blogs, to make real change you need to carry on.

Allow yourself to crave the feelings of determination, inspiration and fascination to improve. Test different ways to get yourself to take action, learn about yourself and discover how you can operate at your best.

You're already addicted to progression

As living organisms we have a built in need to grow, we strive to thrive, it's in our DNA.

If we are not progressing then we feel that something is missing, if our relationship is stagnant we feel unfulfilled, if our career has plateaued we become anxious and worried, we need some kind of forward movement.

So from now on feed that inner monster you have, get hooked on raising the bar and experimenting, push yourself to see what happens.

I promise that if you allow this addiction into your life then you will have some great experiences ahead and you will lead those around you.

Allow progression to be ever present in your life, in your career, in your sport, keep evolving, learning, be more, don't settle for yesterday. This is what personal evolution is all about.

You will relapse

Yes there will be times when you slip back into your old self defeating ways, we all do, it's part of us. Even the greatest achievers in our history had personality flaws that didn't serve them, it's totally normal, you just have to make sure that these behaviours are heavily outweighed by their opposites.

You must follow through on much more things than you put off, you must spot opportunity more often than limitation, you must grow more than self harm and yes, you must tell your partner how much you love them WAY more than you criticise them.

Just like your diet, if you are trying to lose weight and one day you slip up by eating a chocolate bar, it doesn't really matter, it doesn't mean it's time to give up, you just make sure that you more than make up for it in the way you eat and exercise over the next day or so.

We are human, we operate in a ying yang way, we would be foolish to think otherwise. Our imperfections are what make us so perfect.

So don't worry if you slip into old ways at times, just be skilled enough to interrupt them habits when they stay around for too long and get yourself back on the horse before the rot sets in.

Once you get big results through your new positive behaviour these slip ups will become less.

Final word

I know you can do whatever you want to, people are proving it every single day, you have proven it in the past, take whatever is applicable to you in the past and future blogs and run with them.

Show yourself what you are made of and share your story with me. What can I say, I get a kick out of watching others defy the odds, that's my addiction.

Have fun and speak to you next time.

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