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Top 8 Motivational Hits

As you know I'm a sucker for inspiration and the emotion called motivation but don't worry this is not some airy-fairy pump up, let me explain first.

Every single day I will either listen to an audio or watch something that inspires me, that teaches me something new or reminds me of past facts or something that put's me into the required mental state that I need for that given day.

When I'm in the car, on a plane, in the office, in the gym or walking round town I have my headphones on not listening to music but to something that forces me to grow as a person and be better at what I do.

It could be a speech, an interview with someone I respect, famous quotes, a podcast, whatever, as long as it is educational and inspirational then I've got it on.

Even now as I am typing this sentence I have a the great film / documentary of Manny Pacquiao playing (called Manny, check it out) in the background because it reminds me of the work required to get what you want out of life and it raises my standard of work ethic.

This in turn will increase my productivity and inspire some creativity for a client that I am meeting later.

We are Self-Harmers

The mood you are in dramatically influences the actions you take, the actions you take dramatically influence the success you will have.

So to get what you want (success and results) you must make sure that you spend more time with a mental state that will help you rather than hinder you.

This may seem very obvious but most of us still fill our heads full of shit every day, with the bad news on TV, with other people's petty views and with internal voices that kill our confidence.

We really do have internal battering down to a fine art.

That's what inspired this blog, I want to disrupt you if you are having a negative time right now with a few videos that never fail to lift me and put me back on track. Or this can be a lift if you want to kick your own backside into taking action today.

Take Your Pick

These motivational videos have different themes so they will be applicable to different people depending on what's going on in their lives right now.

Here is the overview:

If you need a motivational slap of reality - Video 1

If you are stuck or having tough times - Video 2 & Video 7

If you are feeling lazy - Video 3 & Video 8

If you want to know how to succeed - Video 4

If you are ready to hit back at a recent failure - Video 5

If you are experiencing lack of self belief - Video 6

The majority of the videos below are made up from the words of people who have walked your path already, they are great people to learn from.

It can be better to listen to these instead of watch

I personally prefer to listen to these videos instead of watching them, to listen to them as you are at the gym or driving or just lay down in a quiet room.

Turn up the volume and I promise you will be in a different state when you finish.

The Videos

Video 1 - Reality

Video length: 3m 37s

Good for: When you need a reality check and new way of looking at your life.

WARNING - This video contains bad language (4 letter words......lots of them).

Video 2 - The Greatness Within

Video length: 4m 27s

Good for: When you are letting life bully you around and are losing faith. When you are living in a way that is beneath you.

Video 3 - Rise & Grind

Video length: 3m 04s

Good for: When you are feeling lazy or about to quit.

Video 4 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Video length: 3m 14s

Good For: The success code that worked for Arnold over and over again. He is a great example of someone who has achieved big things.

Video 5 - Get Back Up

Video length: 4m 08s

Good for: When you have just taken a hit in life, your comeback from some so-called failure.

Video 6 - Be Phenomenal

Video length: 6m 11s

Good for: When you are settling for less, be more.

Video 7 - Your Time Left

Video length: 4m 22s

Good for: A reminder of this precious time we have. Changing your life for the better.

Video 8 - Dear Hard work

Video length: 3m 52s

Good for: Appreciate the hard work you need to do. A nice touch on hard work, clever letter approach.

I hope you enjoyed these and they have helped you in some way.


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