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5 True Story Movies to get you back on track.

A big part of achieving success in your racing and in your life is perspective.

You must have a different perspective to others around you in order to keep your head in the game and to handle what is thrown at you.

We often make our petty problems bigger than they actually are, we get wound up and feel helpless because we are too close to the issue. It's hard to see past the trees when you are about to enter the forest.

Something as trivial as a slow lap time or a poor performing team can make a driver feel as though their world is coming to an end, when in actual fact it is just a sign to that driver that it is time to step up, to ask different questions and to come up with different answers to their concern.

This may sound a little 'out there' but for this week if you are feeling sorry for yourself because things are not going to plan or you are facing something that seems too big to handle then I want you to use Hollywood to help sharpen your mental tools and to learn something new.

Yeah I really did say that, bloody Hollywood, please don't think I am taking the piss here because I’m not.

There are a lot of autobiographies and true sporting stories that took place which can teach you things that will help with your racing and the challenges that you face. They have some valuable information if you watch them in the right way.

The obvious reason for this is because there are people in this world now and in the past that have faced and overcome some serious challenges, we need to learn from these people and through film we are offered a peak at how they did it, and what it takes to get what you want.

So I put this blog post together with some gems that have helped me and some of my drivers in the past. Below you can see the trailer for each and a link to watch / search for each movie.

If you manage to have a TV day and cram all these in then I promise you will be vibrating with new ideas of how to turn things around in your own sports life. You will have changed your perspective and learned what these guys did in similar situations to you.

I will also be watching these again this week.

No. 5: 42

This is the true story of Jackie Robinson who had the thankless task of becoming the first African American baseball player to break the baseball colour barrier in the 1940's. Now you think you have problems and hurdles standing in your way, this guy had his own team mates hating his guts, I don't think it is shown in this film but one time Jackie's team mates even put RAZOR BLADES in his boots so he would slice open his feet when putting them on.

A real story of 'against all odds' here and a must watch when you are facing a tough opponent or task ahead.

No. 4: Without limits

I pity anyone who took on this fella, talk about ruthless. This film shows the competing life of Steve Prefontaine, he once held the American record in seven different distance track events and due to his media hype he helped inspire the 1970's 'Running Boom'.

Watch this to again raise your standards and get your competitive energy stirring.

No. 3: When We Were Kings

A great documentary following Muhammad Ali in during his big fight, the Rumble in the Jungle. Here you will see what he did when facing a fighter that most people say he was stupid to fight. People thought this fight would kill Ali but he stood up and quite literally took it on the chin. A good glimpse into the mind of one of our greatest sportsmen of all time.

No. 2: Chasing Mavericks

Chasing Mavericks is about the accomplished surfer Jay Moriarity. This was a young lad with a big heart who had the hunger to do what most men feared, ride the Maverick. The film demonstrates someone who pushed their own personal limits to do what most would fear.

No. 1: The Crash Reel

The Crash Reel chronicles the epic rivalry between Kevin Pearce and Shaun White which culminates in Kevin's life-changing crash and a comeback story with a difference. He suffers brain injury in his accident and shows huge resilience and determination to get his life back together. A must watch.

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