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Our Favourite 5: Insane Onboards

If you like to watch and learn from a good onboard video then you will love this.

We have gathered our 5 favourite onboards that all show the following:

1) Car Control

2) Drivers on the absolute edge

3) Danger

4) And just sheer amaziness to watch :-)

If you are ever feeling nervous about going on track in slippy conditions then take a look at these boys and pull yourself together.

You have to skip the starts on some of these videos to get to the juicy bits.

These are links to Youtube and Vimeo so all copyright permissions are their responsibility.

So here they are, enjoy.......

No.1 - Patrick Dapailler Long Beach 1989 Tyrrell

No. 2 - FBMW around Nordschleife, in the snow

No. 3 - Karting in Isle of Man

No. 4 - Jos Goodyear Hillclimb

No. 5 - Ayrton Senna Suzuka 1989 Pole Lap

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