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How To Absorb Information From Books Without Reading A Single Word.

With the fast paced world we live in, more of us are finding it difficult to read as much as we would like to.

We all know that the answers we are seeking and the solutions to our individual problems can be found in books yet we can still go weeks, months or even years before we finally read a book from cover to cover.

I'm obviously talking about personal development and factual books here, the ones that teach you something that can help you better your personal or professional lives.

I cannot tell you the amount of times that I started but didn't finish a book. I would have huge motivation to read it in the beginning only to give up on it half way through and never pick it up again. I used to get angry at myself for doing this only to do it again with the next book.

You know that the book will help change your situation, that it will give you answers to things you are struggling with yet you still fail to read it. Crazy.

We just get caught up in daily life and end up putting the book down only to never restart it again.

Well if you are like me and you have the desire to learn from the many books that are out there but want to streamline the process then I have been using a software for the past few years that has helped me do just that.

It has allowed me to learn at a faster rate and to take on the wisdom of hundreds of authors without me breaking a sweat, damn I love modern technology.

The Software

It is called Audible, if you haven't used it then I urge you to sign up and have it in your life.

If you have used it then I urge you to use it more.

If you are already using a lot…......then fair play. Isn't it great?

Audible is basically an app and website that allows you to quickly download audio versions of thousands of books.

Don't worry this is not an advert, I am not earning money from telling you this, instead I just want to make sure that you are using this facility so you can get the benefits that I am getting from it.

Pace Yourself

When I started with Audible a few years ago I paid £7 per month which bought me 1 credit. This credit would get me 1 book per month.

I thought if I could just digest at least 1 book per month then this would be a great base rate to keep me advancing and learning as a coach.

I would obviously be reading other books and attending seminars but this would be a nice addition to ensure personal growth.

Each audiobook that I downloaded was actually worth more than £7 (some worth £20) so I was getting a bargain each month.

It Allows You To Learn On The Go

I spend around 70 days per year in transit to clients, whether it be driving to a meeting, to an airport, on a plane, on a train or driving to a circuit so a lot of my time on the 'road'.

This travelling time quickly became my learning time.

Back in the day I used to listen to music but over the past few years I have instead used that time to fill my head full of the teachings that these great books offer.

On one flight I could be learning the latest techniques of how to help someone with depression, whilst in the rental car I can be listening to a ground breaking brain activation science. The things you can learn even walking around ASDA now is mind blowing.

Do The Same

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you can at least digest one book per month?

It may not sound much but having this as your absolute minimum will be of great value to your life. A month goes past so quickly and you will be surprised just how much even this small amount will help you.

You can have an audiobook (often narrated by the author) delivered to your phone every month just as your minimum requirement for growing yourself. Each book can be read to you so you never have to carry a book or even turn a single page to take the information you desire.

If you haven’t got this tool in your life then I suggest you go to the App Store or to the website and get the wheels spinning on this so you can steadily increase your potential.

You can obviously pay for more than just 1 audiobook per month but it's a cheap way to start and make sure you are constantly improving yourself.

Let me know if you find a book that you think I would like, I am always looking for more.


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