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For Drivers Who Need To Gain Muscle, A Great Free App For You!

I recently found a great phone app called JEFIT.

There are a lot of drivers and team members who need to improve their strength and hit the weights this winter in order to perform better in 2016, so for those of you who have these goals I want to share this with you.

You no longer need to walk around the gym with a pen and paper or writing notes on your phone to record your training activities, last week I started using JEFIT for my gym workouts and I am hooked on it.

This clever app allows you to plan ahead and works with you in real time during a session, you or your trainer can use it to do the following:

  • Design your own workout session plan

  • Schedule your tailored gym days

  • To record each rep/set for each exercise

  • To time your rest period between each set and prompt you to start the next one

  • Keep a record of every session and its statistics

  • Access preloaded workout routines

  • Access a huge database of exercises designated for each muscle group


Here are some screenshots for you:

1) If you do not want to use the apps' preinstalled workouts then you can make your own or upload one that your personal trainer has done for you. You develop your own program by choosing the parts of the body you wish to work on and on what day.

2) Once you choose a part of the body to work on you can see a long list of exercises that target that area.

3) When you click on each exercise you will see a small video of how to do the exercise and you can record the weight you lifted, the reps and sets.

4) When you have completed your chosen exercise and inputted the amounts you hit the Save & Rest button and the app starts to time your rest period before your next set.

Once the timer is up you will hear an audible sound that you can hear over the music you are playing through your earphones.

5) After you have finished and synced your current workout session your statistics will be saved and ready to view.

6) You can view your statistics over a certain period. I tested this App for two overall body sessions and this is the snapshot....


This app is my new favourite for weights sessions, I am yet to use it on the cardio side but for now I cannot fault it.

It can be a little fiddly the first time you use it so if I were you I would do a practice session with it just so you don't screw up the breakdown reports by pressing the wrong buttons. I wish I had done this. Then you can delete all data and start for real the next time you are at the gym.

All in all a great way to record / review your progress and keep motivated.


The JEFIT website -

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