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5 Gifts To Boost Your 2016 + Gift No.1

Hello and welcome to 2016.

Have you broken your New Year Resolutions yet?

If so then what the hell are you playing at? Come one get back on that horse and stop messing about ;-)

If you are still on course and you are walking your talk then really well done.

I want to start the New Year by offering you some more presents. Yes Christmas is over but let's keep it going for a little longer because I want to give you something that I know will help you and that you can apply immediately.

5 Presents For You

Over the next 5 days I am going to be putting out some of my favourite audio clips from the Boot Camp, they will hit the spot for a few of you and stay with you as you take on the year ahead.

These tracks are raw and pre-editing (so please excuse the quality and mircophone technique) but they serve the purpose for what I want to share with you.

Gift No.1 - Beliefs and Zanardi

This audio is the start of the Beliefs chapter in the programme, I'm introducing the importance of your personal beliefs and how you can quickly improve yourself, plus a reality check using everyone's hero Alex Zanardi.

If you have heard this track already then please listen to it again, we always need to keep sharpening our tools.

Click below to play the audio:


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