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Gift No.2 - How To Control & Create Any Emotion Using Enzo's P.O.W

Gift No.2

Hello again and welcome to your second gift of 2016.

This is one of my favourites because it's a mental technique that is seriously powerful yet seriously easy.

I created P.O.W as a simple way of describing a mental skill that is used in many psychology sciences and it’s one that you use every minute of your waking day so you already have the procedure down.

Now you just need to consciously use it to take control and to create any emotion you want.

You are in control

We all know that there are people who have medical reasons for being depressed or for suffering emotions that they cannot control, I respect this fully and my thoughts are with you.

In saying that I now turn my attention to the rest of you, if you do not have a medical condition that is creating mood swings and alike then you must fully understand that no one else but you is in control of your emotions and moods.

You possess the skill of swapping and changing them on demand, you can experience whatever emotion you want and can attach it to whatever you want.

Hence why so many people can have different reactions to a single event, they are in control of what that event means to them personally, how they are going to feel about it and how they are going to react.

So let's get into this audio, click below and see what you can take from this.

P.S. Please excuse the reference to Michael Schumacher, this audio was recorded before he made his comeback with Mercedes and before his dreadful accident, our thoughts are with you Michael and I am honoured to have you as an example to help others reach their potential, thank you #keepfightingmichael.

Michael Schumacher's Race In Brazil

As mentioned in this audio, here is Michael in what we thought would be his last race. He was in control that day.


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