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Gift No. 4 - You Must Dominate The First Lap / Out Lap.

It's up to you to dominate the first lap / out lap.

It kills me to see how much opportunity is lost on the first lap, some drivers drive the first lap completely out of control mentally, they are either overthinking or too cautious, frantic or too busy watching their mirrors.

This is your chance to stamp your authority and take the piss out of everyone else on track, you have to be the one that grabs the situation by the scruff of the neck and take control of your own destiny in each race.

If you sort this area of your skillset out then you will be the 1 in 20 and you will stand out just like Lewis Hamilton did when he first came to F1, he made them all look like chumps on the first lap.

Make this your goal and get on with it before others catch on.


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