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The Last Gift (No. 5) - Another Top Mental Skill To Control Your Emotions, THE EMOTIONAL GUN!

The Last Gift

This is the last gift of the 2016 Boost series, I really hope you have enjoyed them and that they have reminded you of a few basics that will stick in your mind and help you in some way this year.

I look forward to serving you more in 2016 and wish you all the success you deserve.

It's time to load your emotional gun and fire it!

Emotional Gun is my twist on what psychology sciences and theories call Anchors, this and very similar quick techniques are used by virtually all elite race drivers, athletes, artists, musicians, public speakers and pretty much anyone who needs to perform at their best on demand.

Your mind has to be in a certain state in order for you to be and perform as you want, at your best, this is what the Emotional Gun and other similar mental strategies offer you.

This is great to use just before getting into the car, before meeting someone, before having to do something that makes you nervous, to attract creativity, to install confidence / motivation or before whatever situation requires you to be a certain way.

This can be done on the go or before you step into that arena.

Even before chatting up that person at the bar ;-)

I love this mental skill and I know that it will help you get what you want in life.

Play with it and have fun.


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