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8 Reminders From A Magic Driver

I want to use this short 6 minute video to refresh your memory of what this sport is all about as a driver.

Yes we are in a more business and finance orientated sport nowadays but at the end of the day if you still possess the skills and work ethic that this driver had then you will make yourself become very valuable to teams and sponsors. As well as kick butt on track and give us some excitement.

Due to the way motorsport is now it is actually the perfect time for a genuine old school driver with the right approach to stand out.

Most other drivers seem to worry more about their helmet design and twitter accounts than worrying about coming second in their next race. This is your time to take advantage of this popular chump mentality.

This Video

From this video you can pick up on 8 very important qualities that set the champions and the chumps apart:

1) People's perception of you overrides statistics

2) "A sixth sense of where the grip was before he turned into the corner"

3) Having the car always dancing, using intuition and feel (yes you can do this with a modern high downforce car, just with smaller movements)

4) Pulling off complete laps where every corner is on the limit

5) Making giant leaps in performance when it matters

6) Working on details

7) Wheel to wheel confidence and mind manipulation

8) Genuine ruthlessness and toughness

These Qualities Are Not Just For In The Car

I have NOT put this video up to romanticise about a great driver, instead I want to use it as a slap in the face reminder for all you genuine drivers out there that are losing faith in the sport.

If you truly believe that this is the sport you love, then now is the time to work harder than before and completely dedicate yourself. If you do that then you will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

This is applicable just as much out of the car as in it, gaining the financial backing requires some of these qualities that are mentioned above. These attributes must be used in the boardroom as much as anywhere else.

Click below to watch the video:

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