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DRIVER - "My Car Is Undriveable". ENGINEER - "Just Shut Up & Drive!"

It's the start of the season, things are hotting up and it's a time when drivers and teams are ready to improve on their ways from last year and to do things properly this time.

Well for this year one of the things I urge you to focus on is your ability to problem solve on the go, whilst in the car instead of complaining to your engineer.

Listen to this audio and I will explain:

Main points covered in this audio.

1) Giving everything on a certain lap but the stopwatch is not showing you any love.

2) What makes the difference between champions and the chumps.

3) You have to become the problem solver.

4) Madness is chasing the perfect set up.

5) How to handle a car that is not handling.

6) Your driving is changing the platform of the car, the setup.

7) You are the biggest manipulator of the setup, not the engineer.

8) Power of the Super Sub.

9) All top sportsmen and top performers have to adjust whilst on the go.

10) Being valuable to a team.

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