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Do You Know Of Any Sponsorship Experts? Are You One Of Them?

This is a post for drivers who are on the sponsorship hunt or for people who can help us.

As you know I am in the middle of producing our new race driver specific audio program on Motorsport Sponsorship (it can be seen here -

I have been building this for some time and a big part of it has been interviewing drivers, team owners, executives, agencies, etc, in order to get the answers that drivers need so they can raise the sponsorship for them to race.

I want to keep this interviewing phase going, I want to talk to anyone out there who has had dealings with sponsorship from any angle because each person I talk to offers valuable advice for the drivers that will listen to this program.

My question to you...

Is there a particular person / group that you would like me to interview to get some more valuable sponsorship advice from?

This program is all about teaching you the personal and business skills needed to get the backing you want, but also to give you the inside shortcuts and sponsorship finding strategies that are working right now for other people.

As well as feedback from companies so we can expose the do's and don'ts.

So again with this in mind, is there a person or group who in your opinion could have some great advice and info to help you?

If so then let's go get em'

If you know of someone who you would like to hear from and learn from then email me on - (or by leaving a comment on this page) and I will go beat down their door to get the answers you want.

It could be you

If you are a sponsorship expert, have had success finding sponsorship or have been a sponsor yourself then please get in touch so I can chat with you about your experience.

We are here to help drivers create real value to companies and investors through their racing, with your positive or negative feedback we can help them do this and take Motorsport Sponsorship out of the 'donation' category and back into the 'viable investment' category.

Together we will share your message, share your lessons and help drivers deliver better sponsorship packages so genuine value is achieved and everybody wins.

If this is you then again please get in touch on and we will have a quick chat.

We need to do this right

I am determined to help drivers overcome their greatest challenges so they can go get what they want and be who they want to be, any help in this area is greatly appreciated and you will be rewarded.

I look forward to hearing from you

Speak soon


Sponsorship For Motorsport

Photo from stevebustin via Flickr

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