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Drivers! Take Notes From The New World Champion Anthony Joshua

Congratulations Anthony Joshua

I want to give a huge congratulations to Anthony Joshua for winning the IBF World Heavyweight Title last night.

Anthony shows certain work ethic qualities that I have seen and admired in many top racing drivers over the years and these qualities are often the very ingredients that separate them from the rest of the grid. They are the very attributes that help decide whether they will succeed or fail.

I have been watching him for quite a few fights now and results wise his record stands at 16 fights, 16 Wins by Knockouts. Only once has a fighter taken him past the 3rd round.

This is an early yet impressive record, and it obviously won't stay this way, but for now this success is down to the way he approaches his training, how he operates mentally and how he genuinely lives and breathes his sport for the right reasons.

We hardly ever see a Boxer who is as humble and as grateful as Anthony. He is not afraid to show people his true self when the cameras are on him and you just know that if he keeps this up then he will become one of the modern greats. Already he is gaining respect as being a true ambassador of the sport and the British are falling in love with him.

A video to give you a small insight to his approach:

For You

I want you to spend some time listening to Anthony in interviews and watching some of his fights. This is not to idolize him but instead to understand the way he approaches his craft and how parts of his approach could help you on your journey.

I especially want you to look out for:

  • The way he focuses on the process

  • The hard work needed

  • How he doesn't allow his ego to distract him

  • The fact that he knows just how far his dream is away from him and what it's going to take

  • The hours he puts in

  • How grateful he is for this chance

  • How he doesn't get carried away with the hype of the sport and bravado

  • How he grinds it out to get results, no short cuts.

He is by no means perfect, but as with many successful sporting individuals you have to look at them and ask "Why" and "How".

WHY are they getting results when others are failing?

HOW do they do what they do?

Get fascinated in the mechanics of how people achieve, adopt what you find useful and use it, every day. In doing so you will create your own recipe for success and have a system that works for you and gets the best out of you.

You Know This

You know this already but I want you to live it, to follow through and make sure that you take action in this area.

You only have this one shot so.....well.....what are you waiting for?!?!

Now Is Your Time!

Photo from Bill via Flickr

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