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NEWS: Our Ground Breaking Motorsport Sponsorship Product Is Named and Designed

If you are on the Sponsorship List then you will already know this, but for everybody else I would like to introduce you to our new baby in the making.......Get The Drive - The Only Way For You To Get Motorsport Sponsorship Now.

Get The Drive is an audio product that is dedicated to race drivers who need to find sponsorship in order to race. I started making this last year and have put everything in to it.

In Get The Drive you will be guided through the exact steps that you must take if you are serious about finding the sponsorship, investors and assistance from those within the industry so you can keep racing.

I aim to make this the most life changing product ever seen for race drivers, to help free them of their sponsorship problems and to teach the personal / business skills that will give them the advantage off track and for whatever else they do in life.

Follow It's Birth

Click Here to see how the build is going, on this progress page there are Status Bars that show you how far down the line we are in each main area and it's release date.

The web address for Get The Drive is or

So if you are a driver seeking sponsorship then feel free to join our list and we will keep you up to date with things before anyone else and enter you into our competition to win 1 of 5 free copies on launch day.

I cannot wait to get this out, we are just waiting on some more interviews and putting together some supporting material, once these two areas are complete then the rest of the recording can be done and we will launch it.

It's coming!

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