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Success Tip 3 - Lesson in Obsession!

I haven't done a Success Tip for some now time so here is No.3.

This post is based one of the most powerful yet short Success Tips out there. It is based on your obsession.

What Happens To Us

As we go through life we pick up certain beliefs that slowly eat away at our human spirit and aspirations.

Over time we can easily go from being a child with an open mind and big dreams, to growing into an adult who achieves average results due to us lowering our expectations and self belief.

At one point we see the world as being our playground where we did what we loved, then along the way we have allowed ourselves to be talked into conforming and settling for the mundane life.

This is the common case of the walking dead, people are walking around but really their true spirit is dead inside.

They allow risk, consequence, worst case scenarios and the outlooks of those around them to destroy their potential.

The One I Want To Hit Today

One of the beliefs that we often 'let go of' is the importance of obsession.

When we were kids we would allow ourselves to become obsessed by a new game or riding our bike, as a result of this we would become pretty damn good at doing these things and would love the process.

But as we grow we are taught that it is unhealthy to be obsessed, it is dangerous to care for something too much because we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and we need to have balance in our life at all times.

Well I am here to shake the 'Wake Up Stick' at you and to remind you that if you are determined to be truly great at something, to be the best driver, engineer, team manager or whatever else, then it is going to require you to have a level of obsession that is scary to most other people.

Every, and I mean EVERY successful person went through a part of their life when they were seriously obsessed about their craft. It was only a phase but it was the growth phase.

The time of their life when they had to master their skill and out-accelerate everyone else around them.

Once they become great at their craft and their learning curve starts to tail off they then move into the second phase of mastery where they can perform subconsciously and start to innovate.

What Is Missing

The obsession that you need to reach the second phase of mastering something is missing for most people.

They will work hard as long as it doesn't screw with their personal life too much.

They will put in the effort until the point when others start judging them.

To some this may sound crazy but it is far more common than you may think and many of us let the views of others direct our daily actions.

I want you to be sensitive to this and avoid this if you are serious about being the best at what ever it is you are dreaming of.

You Need People Saying "Slow Down"

If you do not embrace obsession then you will never be the best.

If you are not getting people saying things to you like "You should slow down" or "You should take a day off" then you are not working hard enough.

To outperform those around you, you have to outwork them.

You need to put more hours in and make it your life.

Those who only apply average work rates, only achieve average results.

Natural skill alone is nowhere near enough.

If You Think This Is Obvious....

Some people may be reading this and saying "This is obvious".

The people that are saying this are those who are not obsessed, those who are not embracing this SuccessTip.

If you know the power of obsession and you live this way then you don't see it as obvious, you see it as essential.

You regard it as your Secret Weapon because you notice that you are the only one doing it.

Raise your standards for what you accept from yourself and over the years you will perform with ease and leave everyone else scratching their heads wondering how you do what you do.

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