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How To Be Confident!

Whether you're a race driver or not, I bet that there are times (more than you would like to admit maybe) when you are letting lack of confidence hold you back.

Times when you are allowing self doubt to prevent you from being all you can be.

We make up bullshit excuses for why we cannot achieve something or do a certain thing but at the end of the day we are kidding ourselves.

We are raised in a social system that trains us to conform, that ridicules anyone who dares to stand out, so it's no wonder that we mentally punish ourselves and limit our actions.

What you are about to listen to is an excerpt from Get The Drive, an audio track where I talk about sticking your fingers up to what society has done to you and how you can generate the confidence needed to succeed.

It's criminal to hold yourself back and live under the radar, to beat yourself down due to what others may think of you.

You deserve much more than that.

No longer let lack of confidence create the life that you take to your grave.

Click any of the play buttons below and let's kick fear where it hurts......

Bullet point highlights of what is said in this audio:

  • The truth about confidence

  • How we lie to ourselves due to lack of confidence

  • Be the same person out of the car, as you are in the car

  • How the usual schooling system kills the human spirit

  • Collect the haters

  • How Will Smith creates confidence

If you a determined to no longer let lack of confidence stand in your way, then you will love this.

It's time to kill it!

Cover photo from via Pexels


Launching in

November 2016

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