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GET THE DRIVE Has Now Been Let Loose

Get The Drive is now out and helping drivers take control of their racing futures.

This Race Driver Entrepreneur / Sponsorship program, without sounding cheesy, is breaking new ground in the world of driver self development. You can see it here -

It has been built on it's leading philosophy of "If you want to win On-Track, then first you must win Off-Track".

If you are a driver who has racing dreams bigger than their bank balance, if you know you have the potential to be a good or great driver but you do not have the contacts or opportunities to show us then Get the Drive is specifically designed for you.

In Get The Drive you will learn the sponsorship, entrepreneurship, business and selling skills that are needed if you want to get that race seat.

Top 8 Ways To Get A Drive

You will also learn the Top 8 ways that drivers and managers have got a drive, Sponsorship is No.1, but there are another 7 ways that you can adopt to get what you want.

These are all proven and working right now.

What is Get The Drive?

Get The Drive is more than just one thing; when you purchase the program you start off with a 10 hour audio workshop that teaches you and walks you through the process of taking yourself from where you are now, to where you want to be in racing.

This workshop is split into 5 steps:

1) Get The Matrix

This will help you see Motorsport for what it really is, to look beyond the mirage of the sport. In doing this you will see the world of Motorsport as the world of business and dramatically improve your resourcefulness.

This alone will put you a level ahead of most other drivers.

You will avoid falling for the usual mistakes and spot opportunities in all areas so you can monetize your racing and generate backing easier.

Step 2 - Get Clear

This is where we focus on you, claiming what your target is, known as your North Star.

Then we get very clear on where you are now and why you are there.

At the end of Step 2 you will know what your route is and what path is best for you to take.

Step 3 - The Great 8

This is the meat of the program.

The Great 8 are the 8 ways to get that drive. You will learn all about Sponsorship, B2B, Driver Investment and all the other strategies that have successfully worked for drivers.

Not only will you learn this, but you will also apply yourself and take action in these areas within this step.

Step 4 - Get Battle Ready

Before we go out and create impact in the outside world, we need to make sure that you are ready for battle.

We will make sure that all is in place and show you how to attract the right kind of assistance from others to help you on your quest.

Plus to again look at you to ensure that you are up for the challenge.

Step 5 - The 3 Masters

If you are to succeed then you need to master 3 main areas, they are:

- Time

- You

- Selling

If you do not take control and master these areas then you will always fall short of your goals.

You must control your time, and not let it bully you. You must master yourself, your emotions, your motivation and the way you work. Then lastly you must master selling, there is no way around this, if you want to get yourself into that race seat then you must master the skill of selling.

Step 5 is all about training you in these 3 areas so you can generate the backing and open up the opportunities.


This audio workshop is just the start, you will also have full access to the Members Only Website.

On this website you are able to:

- Download Sponsorship Proposal Templates

- Download Worksheets from the Audio Workshop

- Have ongoing Tutorials from Enzo Mucci to expand your training.

- Access Sponsorship and Entrepreneurial Services from the experts, offering discounts to Get The Drive purchasers

The Members Only Website will act as your resource centre for your campaigns and your Off-track development. The website will continue to grow and be added to.

If you purchase Get The Drive now then you have lifetime membership to this website.

Last Word

All in all Get The Drive is dedicated to helping you in one of the most difficult areas in a racing driver's / rider's life.

It is dedicated to helping you in this area and will never stop growing.

So if you want to take control and have a great 2017, then this is the program is your ticket.

Visit Get The Drive on

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