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Video/Podcast: 7 LIFE & SUCCESS LESSONS FROM A RACE CAR. Live Your Life Like A Race Car.

Many people view a race car as just a vehicle that you thrape the guts out of and drive as fast as possible.

But I am here to show you that a race car can be even more useful than that and can teach you some serious self development lessons that will help you achieve what you want in life.

Even though you are human, consisting of flesh and blood and a race car is an inanimate object consisting of metal and oil, you will be surprised at what you can learn from it.

A race car is designed to do a specific task, to win, to be first, to be the fastest. So it shares many of the same goals as you and is built with this in mind.

The approach a designer takes when creating a winning race car shares many beliefs and rules that cross over to us as humans, who are also attempting to win at something.

As any racer knows, if you want to drive your race car (or whatever you race) and be quick in it, then you must become one with it. Once your car fits you like a glove you drive it better right?

You feel more confident so in turn you perform at a higher level.

Well I want to take this on one step further and get you to learn a few things from a race car because it is automatically doing things that you can model in order to help you succeed.

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Highlights from podcast.

Here are the highlights from this post/podcast:

  1. My apology (52s)

  2. Switch On & Go (3m45s)

  3. Keep Things Simple (5m54s)

  4. Be Fixable (8m16s)

  5. Get The Right People (10m29s)

  6. Make As Much Noise As You Can (13m46s)

  7. Be Fast (17m28s)

  8. What You See Is What You Get (20m01s)


Cover photo from Max Pixel

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