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Video - How To Stop Putting Things Off

Enzo Mucci Coaching

Here is a bit of an in-car rant for you.

Whilst at a test last week I was reminded of something that many of us do but in doing so we kill our dreams - Procrastination.

We are persistent offenders of putting things off, yet in doing so we are robbing ourselves of the small window of time we have to get shit done.

You know all too well that if you are to achieve your goals and dreams in life then you are required to take constant small and big actions every single day. Yet most of us still ignore this truth and put things off.

We say things like "Ah I will do it tomorrow", in the hope that tomorrow we will be a more motivated and proactive person.

But all too often we get to that next day and find out that we are in fact still the same person with the same lazy mentality.

It's not us being lazy, it's us having dormant goals or not having a big enough reason to act. It's the way we are viewing things, not reality.

Our actions are created by the decisions we make.

Our decisions are created by the way we see things (evaluate) and by what we are focusing on. As a by-product we also allow our emotions to get involved at this point.

The amount of success you experience in life is directly linked to how you mentally process what is going on and what things mean to you.

With this in mind if you are to perform at your best and take the actions that are required for you to succeed then you must control what you focus on and how you are translating the outside world. This is to be done at critical times throughout each day.

These critical times are when you are planning the next course of action that will allow you to attain your goal.

In this quick video I will touch upon this but it is a subject that I will go into and give more practical strategies on in future posts and podcasts.

For now, take a look at this in-car rant and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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