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The Real Secret To Success. #TRDCSHOW Episode 2

Thank you for your messages from Episode 1, I really appreciate your honesty.

One of you asked me "Enzo from what you see, what would you say are the top 2 things that hold people back?"

So I changed my plan for this episode and decided to answer that question.

The secret for me is all in the way you mentally approach the process, that are between the Now and The Big Goal itself.

It sounds obvious but in this video I explain exactly what I mean.

If you are not in love with the process, even more than the goal itself, then things are going to get very tough for you and you are likely to give up and not give your best.

People who accomplish the seemingly impossible in their life time are those who love the battle, love the fight and the journey itself so much that they get addicted to it.

Sometimes it doesn't even matter whether they achieve the goal itself, because they are on a quest that makes them feel alive and they love the day to day striving of something more.

It challenges them, it juices them and they live a life that makes them feel as they are progressing.

Personal growth to a human is addictive once it sets in.

It is one of the main qualities of life that we feel we need in order to feel fulfilled.

The Secret

When I see, study or work with someone who achieves what they regard as success I notice that most of the time they do the following:

1) They have a HUGE goal / dream that they've fallen in love with. They have a clear vision and it engulfs them.

2) They use that goal as their North Star. It guides them and ensures that the actions/decisions they take are aligned with their main objective. Plus it raises their work rate.

3) Then, more importantly they fall in love with the day to day journey. It does not pain them to sleep less, sacrifice things and to throw themselves into the 'fire' each day because they actually love the process. They are addicted to the grafting it takes to get closer.

4) Then in turn, due to the love they have for the hustle they get even more motivation by the forward moving steps they are taking each day.

So to sum up they love the process, and in doing so they have the mental energy to pursue their main goal when things get tough.

I will explain this more in this video:

Listen Here

If you prefer to listen to this audio then you can do so here:

Thank you.


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