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#TRDCSHOW Episode 3 - How To Control Your Emotions

Episode No.3 was created to answer the question put to me by Steve from the US, he asked:

"From time to time I let my emotions get the best of me when in car.

I can do things fine on certain days but then others I let pressure get to me as I'm driving.

I know I am self creating this.

Have you got any tips to help me stay in control of myself in car?"

Thank you Steve, this is the perfect question because we all can relate to this performance related question.

No matter what we do in life we all have time where we need to be at our best, where we know we have the skills to do the task in hand, yet we allow our emotions or mental distractions get in our way.

The ABC Technique

In this episode I will teach you a cracking mental skill called the ABC Technique. It is used in many guises in all kinds of mental sciences, in fact you have used it many times already in your life so I know you can apply this right away.


Before you apply any mental technique to change behavior or emotions, you must first get to a place where you have reason for change.

You must communicate to the brain that this absolutely must change and that you have mass motivation to do this.

Only when the mind is in this determined state will it fully allow you to offer a different path.

I explain this in the video.


Then to apply the ABC, when competing, first you become AWARE that the old self sabotaging emotion is creeping in.

You feel that familiar feeling of stress, anger, uncertainty, hast, fear.... whatever the emotion is that keeps screwing you over.

That's all A is, be aware of it.


Then immediately, before it sets in you BREAK the pattern, the mental process that it takes you on by shocking the brain out of that mindset.

Instead of going down the old process that you have been running for years you do something with your body and mind (whilst keeping safe in the car) that confuses the brain and causes it to look for a different meaning.


As soon as you have broken your mental thought process you immediately use your mental focus and body in a different way to help the brain feel different.

Again, I explain this much better in the video.

Here it is:

Or listen on our podcasts here:

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