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Are You Too Old To Succeed In Racing?

This episode was created to answer these two questions from TRDC Show viewers Tom and Kyle:

Tom - "I feel under pressure because of my age, things are not happening quick enough. Is there an age limit on race driving?"

Kyle - "Am I too old to go racing again?"

What's in the video

In a word, no, there is no real age limit on driving.

Too many drivers believe that they are over the hill if they are past a certain age and get fooled into thinking that they have run out of time.

In this video I aim to set the record straight and to bring you back to the facts about your situation.

It's reset and refresh time.

I also share with you a true story of a current driver who is winning at a high level, and he didn't start until he was over 40 years old.

Here is episode 4 of The Race Driver Coach Show video:

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