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TRDC Show Episode 6 - How To Stand Out Like Conor McGregor

Today I am going to talk about a part of you that must come out if you want to truly win at this game.

First off I have a question for you, what do you notice about these following ordinary people?

Muhammad Ali

Serena Williams

Shaun White

John McEnroe

Usain Bolt

Michael Jordan

Dennis Rodman

Conor McGregor


Mike Tyson

Diego Maradonna

Rafael Nadal

Prince Naseem Hammed

Well by the title of this episode you can pretty much guess that all these people really do stand out.

Not just because of their playing skills but because of their personality, their personal brand.

They demand attention.

They grab the spotlight

Make sure that you know them.

This is important

No matter what industry you are in, if it is a competitive environment then it is your job to stand out more than your competitors.

You have to be on the mind of people watching your sport, you must be the person they think of when they think of your sport or industry.

That's the goal anyway.

These sportsmen and women managed to do that and as a result they were seen as leaders, and their playing ability backed it up.

Do not be invisible.

Do not be the best kept secret.

Instead rub your presence in the face of your competitors and be the one that we all want to back.

5 Video Clips

In this episode I have used 5 video clips that all demonstrate 5 important lessons, they are:

1) Show us the Real You

Break the mold of the uniformed conformed driver and show us some of your true colours.

2) Believe in Yourself

back yourself fully internally and externally. This forces you to back it up with performance. It makes you train harder, to master your craft more and to commit to the sport better than all of those around you.

3) Wear your ambition

let your inner monster be seen by others, don't just be polite and have motivation, let it out. you can see the difference in body language and intention and mental strength between these two in this segment.

4) Stand out

Create attention. Eyeballs equals attention, attention equals value in your sport. What are you doing that separates you from others? As far as I can see most drivers are pretty much in a set mold, hardly any of you are standing out, hardly any of you are making yourself a brand that is sellable, that intrigues others.

5) People Power

This is the end result, when people start to copy you and outsiders start to stick up for you, then you know that you are getting somewhere. For a long time nobody will care about your quest, but if you keep sticking to these previous 4 and stay true to yourself and build your brand, over time you will start to make an impact and you will have a brand.

Essentially in my opinion if you want to succeed then you must stand out and be the real you. Care less for what people think and allow us to fall in love with your journey and your mission.

Get out there.

Be vulnerable.

Let us taste what it's like to go for the title.

Here is episode 6

Video and Audios are all here:

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