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TRDC Show #8. How To Control Anger & Frustration (When Competing)

All too often I am seeing people waste their potential and under perform just because they let their emotions get the best of them. Today I want to target anger and frustration.

This episode was inspired by a question from Rob, he asked:

"I keep letting anger and frustration mess my driving and weekends up. I've had mental training in the past which helped a little but I still let it beat me and cause mistakes in the car. Can you give me some tips on the show?"

Of course Rob, I love teaching and speaking about this. It's what I see as being one of the most vital and enjoyable areas to train yourself in.

If you also fall for the emotional / mental traps that we lay for ourselves then you will take something from this episode.

I will walk you through the procedure that has helped so many and describe exactly what is going on here (from my point of view).

You can apply the techniques from this video and have them as part of your mental skills.

You are building your own tool box of mental strategies but these may just compliment what you have already.

They will at least give you food for thought and inspire your own ways of getting the best out of yourself.

We will cover what is really going on when you are getting angry and frustrated and show you the best way to train yourself in this area.

Enjoy the episode and let me know your thoughts.

All the best


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