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11 Mistakes That Are Making You Fail At Sponsorship

Are you finding it hard to get sponsorship for Motorsport or other sports?

Then join the club because most drivers are struggling with this part of their racing.

I am getting so many drivers and competitors from other sports contacting me about for some advice, but when they do I keep seeing that they are making very similar mistakes or are falling for similar traps.

This video / podcast is here to help prevent you from doing the same.

To help you steer through the mine field that sponsorship seeking is so you can give it the best shot possible.

Motorsport sponsorship takes a lot of trial and error but I have taken on the responsibility of helping you shortcut the process and to give you truthful guidance that will best serve you. This doesn't just mean informing you on what works but also on what to not do, on what to avoid and to learn from the mistakes that others have done before you.

My Top 11 Mistakes

In this video / podcast I will run you through the 11 most popular mistakes that drivers are making when it comes to sponsorship hunting.

I will spend a couple of minutes describing each one and give you some tips and advice along the way.

Once you have watched / listened to this episode but then want to go back over things, here is the time when each mistake is explained: Mistake 11 - 2:32 Mistake 10 - 5:05 Mistake 9 - 8:16 Mistake 8 - 12:08 Mistake 7 - 16:05 Mistake 6 - 18:15 Mistake 5 - 21:17 Mistake 4 - 24:45 Mistake 3 - 26:37 Mistake 2 - 28:16 Mistake 1 - 32:21

If you are seeking sponsorship then you will love this.

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You can watch the video or listen to the podcast below:


Thank you for visiting, I really hope this helps you


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