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How To Win Every Race Weekend

If you are serious about winning as a race driver then this is for you.

Episode 11 of The Race Driver Coach Show was created to answer this question from Stuart: "I keep letting results affect my flow at race weekends, if they are good, i feel good, if they are bad, I panic. I want to be in control of my mind more in this area, any advice?".

This is something I see drivers, teams, sponsors, coaches, managers, media, etc struggle with but in this episode I want to give you the simplest explanation and advice on this area as possible.

This will give you a good insight to performance coaching and how you can take control of your emotions and do your own mental training at race events.

It's only scratching the surface but it is a great starting point.

I hope this helps you.

Let me know your thoughts and keep sending me your questions.


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