To win at Motorsport you need to win at Sales


To succeed in Motorsport you need to be a great salesperson or at least have someone helping you on this side.

Not only do you have to sell to teams or potential sponsors but you have to have the people skills that will allow you to win people over in your sport. That is kind of selling also.

If you are fast but unpopular then you will find it hard to achieve a career in this sport.

I have seen many 'No.2' drivers with long careers in this sport because they know how to win people over and are very good on the commercial side.

I really want to hit home the importance of your performance out of the car, yes you may win on track but if you want to stick around then you need to win off track.

You need to get people wanting to help you, to be a part of your journey and to put your name forwards for future drives.

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