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Just Do It!

Episode 15 of The Race Driver Coach Show is a little bit different because it is done whilst on the road (from a hotel room in Toronto).

In this 10 minute video I talk about the importance of just doing it.

When I say 'just do it' I am referring to when you know that you need to act in a certain way but you put it off because you are not quite in the right mood or motivated.

So amny of us come up with so many excuses why we cannot do what we should be doing right now, me included, but I want to remind you that this is the silent killer to dreams.

Your career and your life depends on you.

It all swings on whether you can pull this off or not. Nobody else is going to make your racing dreams come true so your performance off track is really really really important.

If you only do things for your career when you feel like it then you are just about to fail and spend your life kind of chasing something that will never happen.

One of the main skills to master is your skill to take action when you need to, not when you feel like it.

This video is dedicated to that.

If you prefer to listen to it via our podcast then you can do so below:

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