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Become A Pressure Monster

Another spontaneous hotel room video here that was inspired by great Tennis players like Raphael Nadal and Roger Federer due to the way they always give their absolute best, especially when it comes to the high pressure points in important matches.

Racing drivers can learn a lot from these sportsmen, they deliver on demand and in the words of Serena Williams they all understand that "Pressure is a privilege".

I really want to hit home the importance of you being at your best when the crunch time comes, this is for racing as well as in life.

Most of the drivers I see out there are allowing the pressure of the moment influence their performance but if you want to make it big in this sport then you cannot allow this to happen.

Obviously it will happen to a certain extent but instead of allowing it to be detrimental to your performance, how about making it your trigger for focus?

Your trigger to get the job done and be at your best?

This is possible.

If you do this then you will be so valuable to race teams and you will increase your success rate.

It is a trait of a true champion and skill that you must posses.

Enjoy this and see you next time


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