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Book Off! How To Master The Art of Kart Driving (Terence Dove) & In The Zone (Clyde Brolin) TRDC

Hello everyone

For the first time I am doing a Book Off!

A little bit misleading because I do not put these books against each other but hey, I just like the title Book Off.

Instead I am reviewing two of Motorsport's hottest book releases of 2017. They are for different areas of the sport but both are so so valuable for anyone who wants to win.

First Up - How To Master The Art Of Kart Driving by Terence Dove

The first book is from Terence Dove and is great for any kart driver, no matter what level you are at.

Terence walks you through the stages of becoming a complete driver, here are the contents:

Chapter 1 - To become a great driver you need exceptional levels of self esteem

Chapter 2 - Really knowing you have the skills. High Self-Efficacy

Chapter 3 - Flawless and powerful concentration. Win the brain game

Chapter 4 - Fitness & nutrition

Chapter 5 - Master your braking

Chapter 6 - Steering styles and body posture

Chapter 7 - Driving with flair vs on rails

Chapter 8 - Lines

Chapter 9 - Loading

Chapter 10 - Wet driving

Chapter 11 - Looking ahead

Chapter 12 - Practice days

Chapter 13 - Nailing race starts

Chapter 14 - Overtaking

Chapter 15 - Racing strategy and tactics

For more info or to purchase CLICK HERE

And Then We Have - In The Zone by Clyde Brolin

This is the second book I have read from Clyde and yes, I am even more of a fan.

He shares the many quotes and stories given to us from elite performers and people who have accessed their own zone mental states in order to perform at their best.

Not only that but he has structured the book in a way that teaches the reader on how they can do the same. It is a very clever way to inspire and teach you at the same time, well done Clyde.

To read more or purchase this book you can CLICK HERE


Both of these books are brilliant and will not let you down.

Enjoy this Book Off and let me know your thoughts.

All the best


Disclaimer: This is not an advert, I am getting no financial reward from these authors. This is just a good old fashioned book review to help my viewers/readers/listeners.

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