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The Ugly Truth About Motorsport

This episode of The Race Driver Coach Show answers or at least contributes to 90% of the questions we get asked.

It is all about one ugly truth that so many people ignore or trap that they fall for - When a driver gets carried away with the passion aspect.

They fall in love with the Hollywood story line of becoming a world champion or professional race driver, this is OK in small doses but all too often you can tip the scale too much towards passion and become deluded, distracted or down right miserable.

Passion is needed but it is also responsible for so many drivers losing their love for the sport and losing all hope.

This video is here to remind you of this trap and to help you get back on track, in more ways than one.

Covered here is advice for: New drivers Drivers on the way up World Championship drivers Anyone who is striving to achieve their dream.

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