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Boost Self Belief & Overcome Fear Of Failure

Today we are going to hit the human side of human performance for both racing and for life in general.

I have been noticing a growing tendency for people to allow their lack of self belief and fear of failure destroy their lives and their performances. I have just come back from a life coaching session with a client who has so much potential, so many resources, yet is still allowing their mindset to hold them back.

I also had a seminar recently and when asking race drivers about the challenges that they are having in racing right now, their challenges seemed different on the surface but once we dug deeper we found that worrying about what others think about them was the real cause for why they were under-performing and worrying.

Well in this video I want to hit these subjects and give it to you straight.

No more holding yourself back, no more playing it safe, it's time to back yourself and show yourself what you are truly capable of. If you are ready for this then you will enjoy this video.

Share your thoughts and thanks for watching.

Speak soon.


Intro music provided by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

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