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7 Top Tips For Parents of Racing Drivers | #TRDCSHOW S6 E15 Enzo Mucci

Parents of racing drivers, this one is for you.

5:35 Tip 1 - Accept the child/parent clash

10:12 Tip 2 - Don't do too much for them

13:59 Tip 3 - They are at work when at the track

16:37 Tip 4 - The kid cool-off period

19:06 Tip 5 - Let the experts do their work

22:39 Tip 6 - Help the driver learn from every outing

27:11 Tip 7 - Lead by example when at home

It's not easy having a boy or girl racer in the family (for more than 10 reasons) but this video is to give you some pointers that will help you help your son\daughter succeed in motorsport. You provide the drivers, you coach them, you help finance them and you give them the permission to enter the sport. The motorsport world often ignores parents but you are the most important people in our industry, without you we would not have drivers on the grid. Hopefully this video helps you in some way. Enzo


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