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Master the Art of Braking: Enzo's 10 Pro Tips


In this video I want to give you some pro tips that will help you get the last bit of laptime that you need if you want to win.

Braking is pretty much the No.1 area to master if you want to be a top race driver, take it seriously and treat it like an art. You need feel and intelligance when it comes to braking.

0:00 Intro

0:31 The Philosophy: Basics vs Mastering (Art)

6:07 Pro Tip 1 - Understand the technique for your car

9:42 Pro Tip 2 - Use your brake references

12:05 Pro Tip 3 - A warning for right foot brakes

13:20 Pro Tip 4 - Look for Doglegs

14:32 Pro Tip 5 - Brake bias for different corners

17:04 Pro Tip 6 - Know the wind direction

18:53 Pro Tip 7 - Use engine braking

21:08 Pro Tip 8 - High speed corners for high downforce cars

22:50 Pro Tip 9 - Use the track layout

26:18 Pro Tip 10 - Aim for under rotation of front wheel

28:28 Summary

Let me know what you think of this video

Enzo Mucci


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