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#TRDCSHOW S5 E11 - How To Become A Race Driver & Compete For Less Than £25,000 2021

Racing is expensive but here you will learn that it is still possible to race even if, like me, you are from a working class background but have a burning desire to race.

This video is for all those who wish to start racing. This guide shows you how to become a racing driver and compete in a series for under £25,000.

Time stamps in this video:

5:15 Pre-Licence Training

14:45 Get your race licence

16:25 Choose a championship

22:20 Get your race clothing

All of the figures and info are mainly applicable for drivers in the UK, the US and Europe, but the same principle will be similar in other countries also.

The process is quite simple and easier than you may think (obviously you need some cash in the bank also).

This will still take dedication but it is possible to race without having £millions.

Here are the links to the websites shown in this video:

Pre-Licence Training Silverstone 1:1 coaching UK -

MSV Track days UK -

Track Club –

Allen Berg Racing School USA -

Lucas Oil Basic Racing School USA -

Arrive & Drive Karting championships UK -

Arrive & Drive Karting USA -

Race licence courses Silverstone ARDS Courses -

Thruxton Course -

Allen Berg -

Lucas Oil School of Racing -

Race clothing Demon Tweeks -

Affordable championships Red Bull Website -

The 750 Motor Club - BRSCC -

Lists of general championships In the USA - In the UK -

Race Cars For Sale Racecars Direct - Racing Junk -

I hope this helps



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