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#TRDCSHOW S5 E37 - Interview with Rik Kasius - How To Be A Top Race Engineer

Today's show is all about race engineering.

Here is an interview with race engineer Rik Kasius of Van Amersfoort racing. We worked with Rik this year, with Oliver Bearman.

He shares with us the main principles of being an engineer and I ask him some of your questions.

The main topics in this video are:

5:13 Does a race driver need to know about engineering?

10:31 An engineer's personal performance

18:24 How Rik prepares for a race event

19:42 Oliver Bearman Skills

24:00 How to become an engineer

27:09 What engineering books are good to read

28:50 Transitioning from karts to cars

37:20 Drivers giving feedback


Your Driver Coach Enzo


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